About An Angel At My Table

An Angel at my Table originally created a range of beautiful teepees for children. Rebecca Goewie and Yvette Kelly, the company's two founders saw the increased desire in today's market to move away from the mass produced plastic toy and to bring back some of the qualities of the old fashioned toy, where detail was a key ingredient. Today's market is more aware of the home environment.

Rebecca and Yvette, sisters and busy mothers themselves believe that children should be encouraged from the very start of life to explore their own imaginations through play. We worked very hard to produce a children's product that would fit all the requirements we were after. In making our teepees and beanbags, we kept the following things at the top of the list: Safety, Quality and Beauty of Design. Our products have been tested and re-tested by our own children (5 between us!) and we are so proud of the finished results. Most importantly, children love them and it is priceless to see them use their imaginations! The possibilities of pretend play are endless!

More recently we added to our range and launched the Replica Bus Destination prints which have been hugely popular and a sought after addition for all modern interiors – we both have so many fantastic memories of these destinations ourselves and endeavour to add to the range on a regular basis.

No matter whether the home is big or small, whether there is a large budget or not, or whether it is in a town or in the countryside, this generation of the Australian family want the best for themselves in every way and of course, being Australian, individuality is key.

In spite of its rapid growth, an angel at my table retains a firm grasp of its core values, identity and philosophy. It is consistently committed to supplying impeccably designed products that are of the finest quality and at outstanding value for money.